About Bitcoin Cache Machine

Bitcoin Cache Machine is open-source software that allows you to create a self-hosted privacy-preserving software-defined data-center. BCM is built entirely with free and open-source software and is meant primarily for home and small office use in line with the spirit of decentralization.

BCM runs entirely inside open source Linux, so it's free. It's built entirely with open-source software. You can deploy BCM instances to one or more clusters located across the Internet. Achieve local high-availability by deploying BCM to three or more computers. BCM installs software across each failure domain to ensure high availability.

BCM is an event-driven system. When something happens, say a lightning invoice is paid, this event gets captured inside of a distributed Kafka cluster. You can deploy workflows against this event flow to create custom logic that meets your particular needs.

Users wanting to contribute to the project may submit pull requests for review. A Keybase Team has been created for those wanting to discuss project ideas and coordinate.”.